Presbyterian Church of Morris Plains

Our Church Elders

Our church tradition is one in which pastors and elders form a 'Session' which in turn is responsible for the managing of the church. Our elders are elected from members of the congregation annually and serve for a period of 3-6 years. In this time they serve as leaders of various ministries.

Picture of Sue Vigilante-Williams Picture of Carl Loutzenheiser Picture of Bill Nunn
Sue Vigilante-Williams
Session Clerk
Carl Loutzenheiser
Worship & Music Ministry
Bill Nunn
Facilities Ministry
Picture of Kathy McNall Picture of Dave Rossetti Picture of Amy Traver
Kathy McNall
Christian Education
Dave Rossetti
Communcation Ministry
Amy Traver
Joyful Noise Ministry
Picture of Pam Dise-Moran Picture of Russ Hitchcock Picture of Elissa Minor
Pam Dise-Moran
Evangelism and
Membership Ministry
Russ Hitchcock
Nurture Ministry
Elissa Minor
Elder at large
Picture of Sue Cate Picture of Mike Burke Picture of Rich Rubin
Sue Cate
Missions Ministry
Mike Burke
Personnel Ministry
Rich Rubin
Nominations Ministry
Picture of Don Spidell
Don Spidell
Stewardship Ministry